HEY! Coaching & Accountability


Here is how it works:

It costs $200 a month and includes 4 – 30 minute calls a month.  There is a $100 Sign-Up fee as well.

You or your team (your choice!) will have a 30 minute call scheduled every Friday at an assigned time. If you miss the call, you don’t get to make it up. If you give me enough notice and we are able to re-scheduled your call, I will do all I can to accommodate, but please understand that I have a LOT of other appointments and that may not always be possible.

On your 30 minute call, we will first set up your HEY! Get With the Times Lead Generation System and then move into the accountability portion of the program. Some calls will take longer than 30 minutes but after the set-up is complete, most calls will actually take less than 30 minutes.

On your call, once the systems are set up, we will focus on accountability. This will require number tracking on your part. It will also require a goal oriented yearly plan. Greg will work with you to set up your number tracking system as well as your business plan and goal tracker.

Calls do not always have to be for productivity. Greg will also help with any technological challenges you are having. Whether it’s setting up proper communications with your team, fixing the email on your phone or diving deep into Market Leader or Top Producer, your questions will be answered.

Greg will give you scripts that you can use. If you don’t use Greg’s, it’s OK, but you need to have scripts. Role Playing may be required.

If you miss 3 appointments or do not send in your goals & numbers 3 times before your call, you will receive a “final warning”. If you repeat the offense a 4th time, you will be dropped from the program. There are NO refunds if you are dropped from the program.

You will always pay 1 month ahead, so if you cancel (and yes, you can cancel anytime) it will reply to the NEXT month, not the month we are currently on.

There is a 1 time $100 sign up fee. This is required and cannot be waived. If you cancel the program and then re-join at a later date, the $100 sign up fee will be required again. Sorry, there are no exceptions to this policy. It’s out of my hands 🙂

If you agree to all of this, simply click on the “Pay Now” button below and your $100 sign up fee will be charged. Once it is, Greg will contact you to schedule your first coaching appointment.

Simply click on the button below to pay the $100 sign-up fee and Greg will contact you within 24 hours to set up your first Coaching Session!