What People Are Saying (Testimonials)

If you are wondering how well our program works and what KW Agents around the country are saying about it, wonder no more…

“I want to take a minute to let you know how much I enjoyed your course.  In just a few hours, I got a whole new understanding of how eEdge works and how powerful it is. (As you know, I had been using Top Producer since 1990, E Edge is far superior).  I love the way it was taught from the Realtor’s mindset and now from a Technological direction.  I now have a complete database, I have my Sphere of influence on REAL 33 Touches!  I now have full control of my lead generation.  The class was fun and we can’t wait to see you again!”
-Paul Rallo

Just a quick email to thank you for all the knowledge you imparted unto us during this 5 week course. Everyone on my  team has benefited tremendously  Karen is now rocking and rolling with e-transactions, josh is craigslisting  with steroids, jenny ( buyers agent) now has statuses and groups to keep all our leads and contacts organized. Last but best, i’m making my daily calls and don’t have to worry about what I should say…. Ahhhhh.  You are awesome! Advise for all your other students:”shut up and just do as Greg D says”
-Amina Blake

“Just a quick shout out to say thanks again for doing such a GREAT job with your eEdge training.  I’m very much looking forward to your additional trainings and consultation with our associates in the future!  I think you do an excellent job of making the content and technology information easy to understand for the agents.  And you deliver it in a very appropriate manner.   Your concise training sessions with one-on-one opportunities is perfect.  It’s the kind of training, I would love to be able to deliver myself in the Market Center, but it is hard to manage at this point with everything else we have going on.  I’m so glad David McCarthy introduced you to us at the KWNE Regional Leadership Mtg.  He’s a smart guy that David!”
-Kash Griffith

 I am writting this note to you to let you know how fantastic you were
as a teacher & how great the material was.

You procceeded to keep the large class in order, interested and
humored when necessary.   The material and class schedule was kept to
a tee, extremely well presented and clearly understood.

Understanding working with many types of personalities you were able
to be polite and stay focused to keep the topic going as scheduled.
The large projection screen was also a significant part because of the
amount of people in class.

I have attended every class and am pretty much up to par with being
organized in my data base.  Your background I feel was valuable to us
as you “have been there and done that”.  Offering examples and sharing

I wish you the best of luck, even though you really don’t need it.
You are truly a delightful person, teacher and respectful
-Terri Sheppard

Thanks again for your time and effort in simplifying the e-Edge program.
Technology used to be pretty easy for me to grasp when I was younger, but I
had felt overwhelmed with e-Edge until your class, and now feel confident
that I have a follow-up system in place for my clients.  Most importantly,
the tips you gave to use the program as a lead-generation tool were awesome.
In the 7 days after that session, I generated 23 leads, resulting in 4 live
conversations and 1 buyer appointment.  It cost nothing and took just a
little time each day.
-Paul Beatty

Just wanted to share……
I have successfully completed my first dot loop offer transaction!
My (long time) clients where thrilled that I have finally become “tech savy”, one partner lives in Germany the other in West Haven, so they loved this!
 Thank you Greg for being such a great instructor! And thank you KW for such a great tool!
-Kathy Veneziano

Love the site now, u just saved me $1500 on a new website just because noone showed me how to use this stuff.  Cant wait til next tuesday for more
-Paul Gagnon

I want to thank you for a great few weeks at KW Newton.  Your training and support has really helped me tremendously.  Thank you for taking extra time yesterday to help me understand my business plan and what I need to do to meet my goals.
-Ronald Trapasso