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Everyone is talking about this program because it works.  It is completely different than any other eEdge training out there.  When you leave this course, you will not only know how to use eEdge, but you will have an entire Lead Generation system, consistent with the training provided by Keller Williams.  You will also have the scripts and systems to implement a full and effective “REAL” 33 Touch, where you can experience the full results of having everyone on such a powerful campaign.  Sound too good to be true?  Keep reading to see why we are different, or check out testimonials from some of our past students.



It’s different for a number of reasons, but the most important one is that it was developed, created, and is taught by an experienced top producing real estate agent.  We focus on what matters to you… mindset, a great database, ease of use, powerful scripts, and being ACTION oriented!  We don’t want you to re-create the wheel.  We just want you to learn the simple system and begin using it.  In fact, by the time you’re done with the 3rd class, your campaigns will be 100% up and running in a way that is easy for you to keep track of and maintain control over.

The second big difference between our system and others is the way we teach it.  We don’t give you 8 or 10 hours worth of material in one long, exhausting and confusing day.  We break up the training into “bite size” portions.  Each class in the course is designed to give you the skills and strategies needed to get the next class.  You will have a week in between classes to familiarize yourself with the material, and you’ll have a good understanding of it before you move on to the next topic.  If you’re having trouble, no problem… just sign up for a one-on-one!


The one-on-one portion of our program is crucial to the program’s success.  We realize that everyone learns different and everyone is coming from a different place.  In order to keep the class on the right path and not have to move too slow, anyone who needs help beyond the scope of the class is welcome to sign up for a one-on-one appointment with the instructor to get caught up to speed.  This way, if you fall behind in class, there’s no need to just “give up” and never come back.  In fact, unlike most courses that are taught in market centers, we get more students each week instead of less!  You can’t fall behind.  If the one-on-one isn’t enough, we also offer phone and e-mail support while you’re in the course.



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Part 1:  A crucial overview of eEdge.  Not just what it is, but we answer the questions you need to know.  Why is Market Leader our partner?  Who are they?  What is the Market Leader consumer website, and why is it so good at capturing leads?  We cover why the website is all about listings and NOT the agent.  We discuss the different uses for you 2 websites (eEdge and eAgentC) as well as how the whole eEdge system works together.  Once the agents get a full understanding of how powerful eEdge can be, we go into the next phase of the introduction… setting up the backend of eEdge.  We go through the entire back end of the website and make sure the agents have set up their Alerts, their eEdge email account, their marketing preferences, communities served and more.  Finally, we discuss how the email system in eEdge works and how you can set up your eEdge email on your smartphone to make sure you don’t miss important communication from website viewers.  Best of all, we keep this in simple terms that anyone can understand, whether you are a tech expert or have no technical knowledge at all.  The purpose of Part 1 is simple… get everyone to the “starting line”.  Once you finish this part, you will have the ability to fully understand the entire lead generation strength of eEdge and be able to set up your system to begin implementing the actual system in Class 2.


Part 2:  We begin explaining the actual lead generation system in Class 2.  It’s broken up into 2 parts, Contacts and Database (Class 2) and Marketing and Prospecting (Class 3).  In class 2, we will look at the importance of the database as a Lead Generation Tool and explain why it is the very foundation of your lead generation success.  We discuss the 2 types of “Mets” and the 2 types of “Haven’t Mets” in your database.  We then look at the different common problems that WORKING REAL ESTATE AGENTS have with their own database and teach you 2 very important principles to make sure you don’t have those problems.  This will change how you look at Lead Generation and databases forever.  Once we work through the new system of indexing your contacts with those 2 very important strategies in mind, we will build our “cheat sheet” for our to index everyone that comes our way.  By the end of this class, you will be ready to enter your contacts (or re-organize your contacts) into eEdge in a way that will allow us to easily add and implement the marketing and lead generation activities that go along with the database.  In other words, you’ll be ready for Class 3!

Part 3:  The 2nd part of the system is unveiled, and by the time you’re done with Class 3, your 33 Touch, 8×8’s and other campaigns will be up and running.  That’s right!  By the time you finish class 3, you will be familiar with the Marketing Materials available in eEdge (Postcards, Flyers, Calendars, etc) which can be created whenever you need them, and more importantly, we will discuss and turn on the Keller Williams Marketing Campaigns, which are already in eEdge, just waiting for us to use!  Once we do that, we’ll cover the proper way to deliver a 100% effective 33 Touch and give you some simple tips to keep your 33 Touch on track and make sure you never struggle to get all of it done.

Part 4:  We begin to change course in the 4th class.  Instead of focusing so heavily on our Sphere of Influence and our Prospects, we will discuss how to drive traffic over to your powerful eEdge consumer website and generate new leads.  We look at all of the “fads” that we’ve seen in the past and learn why most of them never turned into leads or business for us.  Blogs, Facebook, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, QR Codes, Search Widgets and more are discussed, along with a new way of looking at your Internet Lead Generation Strategy.  Like any of your lead generation, you need a strategy and a plan.  When you finish this class, you will have both!  We show you how to use Craigs’ List, Facebook, blogs, and all the rest of the stuff we’ve been hearing about for years to drive traffic to your most effective lead generation tool… your eEdge consumer website.  It works like this:  Your job is to get the users to your eEdge website, it becomes your website’s job to CAPTURE the lead, and then it becomes you AND eEdge’s job (with the help of your 8×8 and drip campaigns) to turn those leads into Prospects and ultimately into clients.  Thanks to your successes in Class 2 and 3, you will now be able to have better lead conversion and prospect closing results because you’re putting them in an amazingly organzined and effective database and lead generation system!

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Part 5:  We take a practical and easy to understand look at how DotLoop works.  By the time you finish this class, you will be able to have a full understand of how eEdge’s “eTransactions” will handle eSignatures, document storage and how you turn in your paperwork to the market center for compliance review.  Again, this is done in a real easy to understand way that is taught to busy real estate agents by a busy real estate agent.  No technical jargon, no extra fluff, and a practical approach to what you need to know most.