Setup/Coaching & Accountability Program

I Will Only Work With 5 Agents!  3 Spots Left!

This exciting new program is “just what the doctor ordered” for anyone who is looking to take their real estate career to a new level but doesn’t want to do the set-up….


First, we will do your 12 Month Business Plan, to make sure you know how many “Mets” and “Haven’t Mets” you need to have in your database.  We will establish a plan to help you hit your appointment goal, then, we will take you through the entire system set up, one-on-one.  You’ll have me there every step of the way to get your database organized and entered into eEdge.  We will turn on and customize your campaigns, make sure the right type of contacts are on the right campaign, and do regular check-ups of your database to make sure everyone you are entering is going in the right place.

Tech Support/Training:

We will help you train your assistant (or you if you don’t havce one yet) on eEdge, your email systems, and any other technology needed to asure your success.  If you are having problems with technology, you will now have someone to call for help!


Once your system is in place, we will work together to make sure you’re moving forward with the system and making it the center of your real estate career.  Coaching and accountability will help you to keep your priorities in order.  You will be able to practice your scripts before making your calls, and we can modify them once we see the results of those calls.  We will track your numbers, monitor your Annual, Monthly and Weekly goals, and finally, modify your plan, week by week, to help you assure your success in real estate.  Your coaching and accountability begin during the set-up process and continue for one hour a week (either 2 – 1/2 hour appointments or 1 60 minute appointment per week) every week.

This program completes the system we teach in our eEdge course.  Best of all, if you hate the administrative part of your lead generation, or if you just don’t know where to go next… you can start here.  No more excuses!  Get up and running now so you can see the rewards faster.  


$1,000 Set-up (Non-refundable)

$1,000 per month with a 6 month commitment.

At the end of 6 months, we will switch to a month-to-month agreement as long as both of us choose to continue.  After 6 months, either party can cancel with 30 days WRITTEN notice.